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on the perils of social gaming July 24, 2005

Posted by eatnorthamerica in random bullshit.

<kaede> my friends were playing xbox live online shit… and one goes
<kaede> into his microphone
<kaede> hello there chaps! alright? how you doing?
<kaede> then his face goes :Z
<kaede> we’re like
<kaede> what’d they say?
<cocoa> haha
<kaede> “they called me a fucking fag”
<kaede> then later on
<cocoa> rofl
<kaede> another guy tries
<kaede> so he goes
<kaede> and we can hear this guy going “shut up, man” through the headphones
<cocoa> haha
<kaede> oh the other guy got called a douchebag too
<kaede> woo social gaming.:)
<cocoa> that’s what he gets for calling people “chaps”
<kaede> haha
<kiseki> keep yo chaps to yourself
<kaede> “bet you don’t hear this a lot in england… douchebag.”
<kaede> oh yeah “chaps” deserves a shut up dude over here too.



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