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first bath in half a year December 23, 2006

Posted by eatnorthamerica in things that are not quite things we know.

And to curtail your line of thought, I have frequent and enthusiastic showers.

You can tell I have a lot of packing and tidying to do because my blog is horribly active.

Anyway, I’ve been finding a lot of things while uprooting the contents of my room. Today’s find was a set of bath fizzers that dyed me pink.

 I crumbled a couple of them under the tap and watched the pale pastel turn a horrific shade of pink, the exact shade of which prompted me to swill some around my mouth and find that it indeed works as a disclosing substance. Tastes awful, by the by.

My bathwater went pink. I lay back and tried to make the most of the moment, only to realise that the fizzers had no discernable scent whatsoever.

I added a Honey Bee bath bomb from Lush.

– doesn’t smell like honey

– at all

– could be due to having lain around my cupboard for a couple of years (theorise fermentation and/or rot)

– made me itch initially (refuse to accept link to previous point as it was still sealed, hence no contact with foreign content along the lines of the lines of dustbunnies lining up against the lining of my cupboard)

– produced cloying scent of roses that made me feel nauseous after about five minutes

– combined with the pink to produce a sort of orange tint that made my skin look jaundiced

– didn’t produce ANY foam at all! in future I refuse to use any bath product that doesn’t cause my bath to overflow with copious quantities of FOAM, damnit!

My skin feels kind of dry. My hand is pink from when I was crumbling the fizzers.

My teeth are very clean. I stink of pink.

I’m not impressed.



1. Seth - December 23, 2006

Hey you! You had better keep blogging even when you haven’t got packing to do- I for one want to hear wht’s going on in your life, especially if it involves you getting stained pink…!

2. eatnorthamerica - December 23, 2006

haha, I’m sure I’ll have more exciting material when I get to Toronto (assuming I make it out of packing hell, although it’s not really the packing that bothers me so much as the uh, clearing all the shit I don’t need out of my room). I have linked your blog even though I see it is currently dead! did Rob send you my URL? I couldn’t remember what yours was (blame lies on your hyphens).

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