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best December 27, 2006

Posted by eatnorthamerica in things that are not quite things we know.

Christmas Eve: I went up the London Eye. Let me just add that since I live in London I’ve never felt any urge to go up the wheel, in much the same way that when I used to live in Dulwich (yes I know it’s part of London, be quiet) I never once made it to the Dulwich Picture Gallery (and I steal this from wikipedia: “the world’s first purpose-built art gallery“). Anyway, after having lived in Dulwich for six years, my mother and I decided to go visit the gallery the weekend before we moved out.

It was closed for six months of renovation. I still haven’t seen the damn thing.

I should probably add that the London Eye was exactly as I’d expected it to be, and not necessarily in a negative sense. I took some photos. Here is one.

yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Oh, whatever. If you really want to see shots of those pods, there are a couple more photos on my flickr account.\

Now here’s some amusing shit I salvaged from the detritus of my room:

bill me for each noodle, why don't you

Probably the first time I’ve ever been billed for each individual noodle. The waitress was just as stymied by this bizarre system. I’m still intrigued by the name. Incidentally, my mom’s friend’s friend’s husband (or some such connective convolution) owns that restaurant; he made his fortune from selling the ubiquitous and humble fishball (it’s not what you think) in stalls around Singapore. I find that pretty cool.

I don’t know him or his wife, so I feel absolutely no bias when I say that I and my family actually rather liked the food there. I thought it was very reasonably priced, too (around £6 for a substantial bowl of freshly hand-pulled noodles, I think, or maybe I mean £0.02 per noodle. I hope someone’s counting). Good for a quick eat, anyway. 

perche questa violenza

The best vocabulary list ever bar none. I suspect this was from when I was 17 or 18 and halfheartedly studying (ok, mainly not studying) Italian in school. It’s best, but not superlativelythebest, because quaquaraqua is not on the list, and it is possibly the greatest foreign word ever created.



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