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i cannot be more tidy than this, it is impossible January 5, 2007

Posted by eatnorthamerica in things that are not quite things we know.


ok, so i didn't really have much to tidy in here.

crap photo yes!

one can partake in the delights of modern civilisation and simultaneously nurture a cultured and informed decision not to make one's bed


I OOZE WITH PRIDE. I have the biggest backache in the world, but we must all suffer for our art.

oh yeah also I’m flying to Toronto tomorrow morning at 1150 24hBritishtime. I arrive at 1445 24hCanadiantime. THEN I’m going to initiate the process of eating north america! Baton Rouge, baby!



1. Cid - January 5, 2007

have a safe trip! take care , give us news as soon as you land :D

2. eatnorthamerica - January 5, 2007

thx! leaving for the airport now.

3. Binster - January 5, 2007

Have you landed yet? If so, Welcome to Canada!

4. eatnorthamerica - January 6, 2007

I am in Canada now! after a somewhat interesting sequence of events at the airport. i shall post shortly. incidentally I went to bed at 3am canadian time , so I’m well on track here! :D

5. Cid - January 7, 2007

good to know you made it safely there :D

6. eatnorthamerica - January 7, 2007


7. Seth - January 8, 2007

I’m glad you are putting in the effort with this blog, it’s nice to know what’s going on in your life. So keep it up and good luck with Canada!

(I will link you up soon. What picture should I use?

8. Seth - January 8, 2007


9. eatnorthamerica - January 10, 2007

hmm dunno. text is fine.:) haha, you say that after i’ve been pretty damn lazy about updating it. I haven’t updated it since i got to canada (TOO LAZY TO GET MY CAMERA)

10. eatnorthamerica - January 10, 2007

i just have so much bullshit to do like filling in tax forms and getting national insurance cards blah blah blah holy shit

11. Binster - January 10, 2007

Stop whining, you’re living the dream.

12. eatnorthamerica - January 11, 2007

haha yo. i added you to my blogroll, as you can see. i was gonna leave you a note on your blog but your image security bullshit thing is broken. i’ll be living the dream when i get my flat! think i migh thave it on sunday if i don’t get hopelessly rejected by the landlady.. wooooo! how comes i never see you on msn now? how’s work?

13. Binster - January 11, 2007

work’s work… ;)

post pix of the mansion, plz

14. eatnorthamerica - January 12, 2007

kk i will. i’ll take a video or something. i did take some boring pictures today with ultra shitty composition (of toronto, not the house)

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