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chill time January 11, 2007

Posted by eatnorthamerica in things that are not quite things we know.

so here I am, huddled up with my huskies as the cold arctic winds rip at my igloo. the wind whistles through the gelid chinks. Over my face I feel the frost spread like craquelure. Night falls. We freeze.

it’s always a little odd when you’re in a foreign country. strange thoughts cycle through your head where the fuck is my fucking baggage and fuck it’s cold

and fuck it’s cold because my winter coat is in my fucking baggage that fucking british airways delayed.

anyway, I’m in Toronto now! I’ll provide pictures when I don’t have to commute for hours every day, thanks.

– it’s cold

– it’s “the warmest winter we’ve had for ages”

– people are really friendly

– everything is cheap as shit!

– my office looks pimp

– my colleagues are really nice (so far I don’t feel inclined to kill anyone yet)

this is totally a token entry. I’m too tired to do anything because I have to commute at and FOR ungodly hours of the day. I’ve been getting to work at 8.45 am, if you can believe that (and you shouldn’t! although it’s true). what can I say, I’ll never be a morning person.



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