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RUST January 20, 2007

Posted by eatnorthamerica in things that are not quite things we know.

Apparently Heathrow’s “secure storage area” is at the bottom of the fucking Atlantic.

fuck you british airways!!!!!

fuck you heathrow!!!!!

Yeah, that’s what a snowboard looks like after BA take TWO fucking weeks to deliver half your baggage. It was fricking pristine before! Hell, there’s so much rust even the bag has rust on it.All my clothes were damp, and a couple of items were starting to show signs of mildew.THANKS A LOT, BRITISH AIRWAYS, YOU ASSHOLES

I haven’t been doing much that’s exciting because of the commute and shit, so whatever.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/75172179@N00/tags/canada/ for the rest of my canadian-tagged photos. anything marked distillery is in/around the area where I work.

This is the first and last time I’m trying Kool-Aid; you will see why:

the hell?


It’s green.

When you add water to it, it produces a green liquid.

It tastes foul. No, it tastes exactly how it looks, which is vile. Tomorrow I’m painting my new room magnolia, what fun!



1. Seth - January 22, 2007

“Apparently Heathrow’s “secure storage area” is at the bottom of the fucking Atlantic.”

I didn’t know you could snowboard. Why the hell haven’t you come to Norway yet?

2. eatnorthamerica - January 23, 2007

haha i don’t know. is it colder than canada? I didn’t know YOU snowboarded!

3. Seth - January 24, 2007

Of course i don’t snowboard! i don’t want to break my neck! you should see how many people here are walking around on crutches in the winter. I ski though, i’m learning. It’s pretty cold now, like -5 or something. Loads of snow.

4. eatnorthamerica - January 25, 2007

haha are you serious about the crutches? skiing’s way safer, i’ll give you that :p it’s -15 today…. goddamn. not much snow though. hasn’t snowed in a couple of days.
last year in france it was avalanche season and we saw at least two body bags come down the mountain. that was kind of worrying. :(

5. Seth - January 25, 2007

Really, not kidding- people fall on the ice, or ice falls on them from the buildings! It’s really dangerous, people die! And this new years eve 10 people were blnded by fireworks… in some ways this is a really careful country (they are banning white spirit in 2009 which is just ridiculous) but mother nature can’t be held back by legislation.

I’m going to Brazil next week, last minute ticket for 170 pounds return!!

6. eatnorthamerica - January 27, 2007

ice falls on people from buildings? geez.:) holy shit that’s a CHEAP flight. I have a friend in Rio! I should blog more, but damn, not having proper internet at home kinda blows. let me know how your trip goes! I miss London a little.

7. Rob - February 13, 2007

I always associate Kool-Aid with Jonestown. They should use that on their advertising.
London misses you.

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