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what’s there to do in toronto for fun? February 5, 2007

Posted by eatnorthamerica in things that are not quite things we know.


I feel I should explain that there’s not a hell of a lot else to do when it’s -28C outside.

Anyway, I got really bored, so I threw some water on my balcony (obviously the bit that’s outside) walls/glass railing walls… whatever the hell you want to call that shit. it froze INSTANTLY, which I thought was pretty awesome. See now the water, rendered frigid in gravity’s heartless embrace, ripe with encapsulated filth.

It was so poetically moving that I did it to the rest of my balcony walls. That’s right, all six panels!

…… then I realised that this is the middle of fucking winter …it’s not going to go anywhere above zero for another two months

so……….. I guess my balcony’s going to look like shit for two months! GGPO.


on Saturday I invited my dear friend Michelle around and we went shopping for instant noodles and assorted stuff from a couple of Korean supermarkets in Small Korea (ok, Koreatown, whatever. It’s not much of a town if you ask me) because I thought it would be amusing to have an instant noodle party and try loads of different types of flavours or whatever (look, I told you I was bored).

what fun

^ should have tried that, but didn’t! also Michelle decided to stick with tried and tested noodlage. but come on… a potato noodle?! I’ll let you know how that turns out, I’m almost afraid to try lest the disappointment stings me too sore.

tasty shit!

it wasn’t much of a testing party because there were only two stomachs available to test shit out on. end of story. that shit in the picture above is the bomb though, I’ve had it before, and it’s good. There.

Balls to you. I bought a large sparkly ball from the Swatch store (actually, I like a lot of their designs, like Secret Code (yes! you can unpin the individual rings and play wear by numbers)) and got 10% off, woot! The girl who sold that to me was really sweet, actually. She kept trying to give me a discount on top of that. like – “do you work at eaton centre? if you do, I can give you another 15% off” “um.. nope” “do you have… friends who work here?” “well… um… nope!” Should I have lied? Was that an invitation to inveigle? So here I am, mired in moral quandary as firmly as the filth solidified upon my balcony. yep

And I haven’t even mentioned the egg… we’ll see what happens to that!



1. Brendan - February 5, 2007

Ah right, and you don’t get chinooks out that way either… I’m sure it will warm up some soon though. You get spring a little earlier out that way than we do. :)


2. eatnorthamerica - February 5, 2007

chinook. sounds cold as shit.:)
i never want to spend a winter where you are, that’s for sure.:) it was SO damn cold coming back from dinner tonight, that was two blocks down the road and I thought my face was going to freeze off.:)

3. Cid - February 6, 2007

Freezing water on your windows just because it looks cool, and realizing it won’t melt until a couple of months… that was hilarious! (and something i could have done)

Don’t freeze !

what’s the egg ???

4. eatnorthamerica - February 7, 2007

oh. the egg isn’t really that exciting. put an egg outside on the balcony overnight and threw water on it to freeze it.

yeah, it froze. ……. and……. that’s it.:)
the freezing water is fucking awesome, somehow it melted throughout the course of the following day, so I threw more water on the balcony yesterday night. instafreeze. again!

edit: a month later, some irresponsible and possibly inebriated citizen kicked the egg so it fell four stories to the empty! pavement below. it shattered.

post-edit edit: no, it wasn’t me.

5. Seth - February 10, 2007

On the TV news in Norway some guy threw a bottle of water in the air, and when it came down again it was frozen all the way through! Now THAT is some hardcore weather! This was the very north of Norway, mind, not Oslo.

Instant noodle party… man that made me laugh!

BTW it´s 30 degrees where I am; I´m making the most of every drop of sunshine.

6. eatnorthamerica - February 14, 2007

ok that IS hardcore. what the hell. how cold was it there???? -100? ha! you’re missing out, instant noodle parties are the shit! where are you now? back in mexico? er brazil, i mean brazil! stop taunting me damnit, it’s -28 again today…. goddamnitgoddamnitgoddamnit! had like more than a foot of snow overnight, which is cool to look at. not cool to walk in. fortunately, i got a lift to work. are you on facebook?

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