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to be redundant: August 18, 2007

Posted by eatnorthamerica in things that are not quite things we know.

The katamari idea didn’t work. I have been laid off, along with 50% of my studio. On the bright side, I no longer have to pay back my relocation package!

I’m now exploring the world of extended vacation time. Any suggestions? (After I get my resume updated, that is.)



1. Labyrinthman / Bren - August 18, 2007

Hrm… thinking about staying in the great white north? Or boogie-ing off to other countries?

2. sean^2 - August 19, 2007

go with the tp suggestion!!! :p

3. eatnorthamerica - August 21, 2007

hehe. I shall be staying in Canadaland if I can. I think I’ll be heading off to Vancouver; the games industry over here is too small. I’d like to stay here but I feel it would be career suicide. I’m not planning on going back to the UK yet if I can help it…
California would be nice, but I can’t drive.

and ixnay on the TP suggestion. TP costs money. I am unemployed.:)

4. Seth - August 23, 2007

Come to Norway!! Okay, there is no games industry to speak of… but we can start one! Actually there are one or two studios. Funcom, who made Dreamfall http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreamfall

5. eatnorthamerica - August 29, 2007

haha. I think I’ll pass on that one. I don’t feel like being Europe-bound just yet. How are you doing over there? All things hunkydory, I hope?

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