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regurgitating the cne September 2, 2007

Posted by eatnorthamerica in things that are not quite things we know.

Today we’re talking about the Canadian National Exposition, where the international goods hall consists of booths with titles as selectively swanky as “Produce of France, China and India”. Booths that sell, for example, socks! 6 for 2 dollars. How very cultured.

Apart from having multicultural socks, the CNE has a bunch of reasonably fun rides. I say reasonably because puking makes me deduct points from the fun value of any given activity.

I never (well, almost never!) get sick on rides, but here’s a moral-laden story for you; don’t eat a corndog right before going on a ride that spins you forwards, backwards, widdershins and shinnerwid. Oh, it wasn’t just me! Everyone else felt pretty grotty after that one. It looked like a good idea at the time; the ride gave longest time for money. Too bad after a certain point (stomach battling through intestinal tract) time != fun. Everyone got very quiet halfway through; when the blender stopped, we lurched off the staggered platform. Rails, rails, a clever invention.

Oh, and if you’re still feeling nauseous, don’t immediately go on the big loop (the one that is, literally, one big loop-the-loop).

God knows if it was the corndog (I’m leaning towards this line of thought myself) or the car ride back that tipped me over the edge. At least I didn’t feel like barfing until I got to the relative safety of home.

Delayed-blast puke, the first puke I’ve puked in over two years. Fascinating.



1. Ed Flanders - September 2, 2007

Canadian National Exhibition!:P

2. mich - September 5, 2007

bobby felt fine after it! but nobody dared to touch a corndog like you, haha.
and you did feel like puking all the way up to home, thankfully you just didn’t do it until you got there! :) but honestly, bobby is not the best person to have as a driver when you feel sick. he drives too fast and doesn’t know what the words “SLOWER PLZ” mean.

that’s what you get for eating corndogs made and touched and GROPED by teenage noobs who just learned how to make ’em and will promptly forget by next year but may have moved on from a corndog producing career by then, in a trailer that probably has been sitting around collecting dust for the last year (since CNE is only 2 weeks per year) and then immediately getting on a roller coaster that went around and around and around on a VERTICAL circle, and hung you upside down so that i could see your dangling ponytail from the ground. i bet you would have been way better off with the funnel cake; too bad the line was so damn long.

3. eatnorthamerica - September 6, 2007

I didn’t actually really feel like puking until I got home (actually, until I got to my washroom), I just felt nauseous and a little giddy, which wasn’t really pleasant… oh wait, I did feel like puking when we were going backwards off the top of the hanging loop-de-loop! several times!

also bobby’s driving wasn’t as violent as it sometimes can be. but I don’t think it helped too much :)

I actually don’t think the corndogs were made by teenage noobs — more like middle-aged doods. I guess after a lifetime spent coating edible (this description is subjective) reconstituted pork(also subjective) product with cornmeal(also…), you lose your edge, your grasp on sanity, your willingness to comply with international hygiene standards. they probably do use the trailer the rest of the year, so it never stops collecting grease and germs. awesome.

In short, I agree on the funnel cake point. :(
patience must be a virtue?

4. eatnorthamerica - September 8, 2007

Ed Flanders, whoever you are: interestingly enough, your comment got trapped in the spamnet!

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