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words that need to die September 8, 2007

Posted by eatnorthamerica in farcical review bullshit.

Today’s entry revolves around words that need to die.


Not only

…because my PDA’s handwriting recognition system won’t pick them up unless I manually enter them into its dictionary and I resent this immemesely! but also for these words are inimemecal in their seditious defilement of the aesthetic space known as the internet, and of that other aesthetic space known as my sanity
but also

…well, where’s the advantage in either of those words suppurating in the mire of popular consciousness? We survived just fine before meme besmeared the forefront of the blogroll and we’ll survive just fine without it, I tells you. I also tells you, the real reason I detest both these words so devoutly is this: they’re cog catchwords in the perpetual motion machine of the blogosfear illiterati.

People sometimes use meme and schadenfreude the way they should be, like the things that they are (words) — and! people sometimes use them because meme (substitute the other offender, if you must) is a word that everyone else has suddenly discovered and must use so they might join the memetic club. I tells you, yours are malignant, yon memes.

Ask me about the other one!

Naw, I’ll be concise.

Schadenfreude is the German word for deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others.”

Now there’s an opening variegated in flavours of unimaginative, all of them tasteless. Excellent; spend the first line of your introductory paragraph explaining the first word of your article; it takes me one line (hell, one word) to figure out the rest of the article isn’t worth reading.

Oh God, I turn the television on to get away from the stupidity of the plebweb and what do l hear?

“There’s a German word…”

I shit you not!

If I actually need to look up a word, I’ll use a dictionary, thanks.

Also, when I said “today” — I really meant “sometime last year, when I was really angry about the abuse of two specific words that serve no purpose but to aggravate the living shit out of me”. Today, in the sense that I just found this verbiage sprouting all surreptitious-as-you-please on my PDA.

More than a year later, these assholes are still recycling that stupid schadenfreude line. That includes you, if you’re doing it; stop it!

addendum: but here is an example of how you might temper your abuse with grace; this guy is not an asshole.



1. Seth - September 13, 2007

I first heard ‘schadenfreude’ from the mouth of Lisa Simpson, i think. That says it all right?!

2. eatnorthamerica - September 19, 2007

Lisa Simpson’s allowed to use the word. She has class. am I mistaken in remembering that the Simpsons was poking fun at it, or am I just making this up?

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