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plugman! socket to your face September 14, 2010

Posted by eatnorthamerica in artshit, productivity 101.
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some quick-ass low poly stuff, almost finished

stuff to do: add more paint brushstrokes, highlights, refine, refine, refine, render out the alpha visor properly, stick the accessories on, attach super ghetto anim rig, add some sparks or something. i might add depth to the eye sockets. maybe. and do something about the spike on the back of his hood.

NEXT: darth plug sockets you in the FACE!!!

NEXT NEXT: koosh ball hair plug man. or maybe mohawk/dreads, as cid suggests.

edit: plugman has… a plug!

plugman also has lightning bolts sitting on his specularity layer(see top left), but a combination of my computer being a piece of shit and maya being a complete piece of shit led to some fucked up shit, so fuck this shit.

‘get out of my faaaaaaaace before i stick this in your eye’

the hair is quite terrible. i need to do something about that

add some crap like rounded hearts, flowers, paper cuts, origami crap, general shitcrap like bonsai trees or paper lanterns or something.

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