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chicken#3 April 7, 2011

Posted by eatnorthamerica in artshit, productivity 101.
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more… still placing stuff. still haven’t fixed clipping yet, that’ll come last.



1. dogzerx - April 11, 2011

I love this man! you are the MASTER of 3D!!!

2. eatnorthamerica - April 11, 2011

thanks bro :) also thanks for coming back!

3. dogzer - May 10, 2011

so you are a pretty insanely good artist… do you do this for a living? are you just studying? Anyway, I’m trying to do 3D hair for game models, any tips? Cuz I’ve tried using quads with alpha, but I think I should plan a haircut before I start laying quads here and there, plus I think I need more than 1 lock of hair style, right? But I also don’t want to overdo it, I want it too look good but without having 30+ quads with alpha, you know what I mean?

4. inventory software - September 29, 2011

Wow.. really like the creativity. Some people might be freaked out by this, but I actually appreciate art like this. Did you model the girls face after someone you actually know? Would love to see more work!

5. eatnorthamerica - October 11, 2011

oops, missed these comments… thanks!!! someday I’ll get this finished aha. yeah i work in games, think it’s been eight years and a bit now. it’s a little hard to say what’s best practice without a better idea of what you’re building… i always start with as few verts as possible, like a cube… the key is just to make every vert work for the silhouette. i also try and plan the hairstyle first or it ends up taking ten times as long (for me anyway). also you can either paint the hair in sections, or just use a horizontally tiling texture with maybe a couple of extra sections for details that don’t fit in the tiling section… hmm. I hope that makes sense. :) of course, if you’re building hair in zbrush then that’s a totally different story. my rule of thumb is to add new pieces very sparingly and make sure each new alpha plane does something important.

ps the face isn’t based on anyone i know, must live somewhere in the madness in my mind.

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