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The opinions stated in this clusterfuck of verbiage sometimes represent those of their author.

sometimes I draw random things out from under the dirty thrall of remuneration (non-commercial crap, basically)\

and some commercial stuff from early-mid 2000s (can’t post newer stuff):


some of the first models I ever built while working for Sony Cambridge during the ps2 era. renders by the Riles, head models/textures by me… cutscene models about 3000 verts total I think.



1. bibomedia.com - March 5, 2008


2. mark - July 14, 2010

pheww… check your other messages.
contact me.

collaboration is a remix and an adventure.



3. Vika - April 10, 2011

Did you model Merilyn Monroe 3D? please contact me mamikonova@gmail.com

eatnorthamerica - April 10, 2011

Hello, yeah I did — it’s still a work in progress :)


4. Vika - April 11, 2011

I want to buy it. Is it possible? I need a head, or a bust. ))


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