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for once, an art update August 15, 2009

Posted by eatnorthamerica in artshit, productivity 101.
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zbrush sculpt (had to retopologise this a couple times with topogun. saved me quite a few hours of blinding annoyance despite the turbulence. sign up for the beta. I found it exactly as unstable as polyboost but less iffy. or polyboost hates me. NB: 3d coat is much, MUCH better than any other retopo tool I’ve tried so far, but topogun is free right now)

I recommend you click the thumbnails if you’re curious.

Behold, the endless dilemma of nipples. I opted for none this time around, possibly due to the number of people making annoyingly unimaginative comments over my shoulder when they sprouted yet extant. Pfah! Plebeian sentiment should never fetter artistic truth; I shall reinstate them, when my eyes no longer bleed.

I dig current workflow trends (popularised by Epic?) towards [super simple base model] > [zbrush/mudbox highpoly mesh] >  [decimate with decimation master or meshlab] > [retopo to medres ingame model]. Far more creative freedom/saves a fair amount of time — then again, it’s all context-dependent. Sometimes you just can’t beat purpose-building a tidy little quad base.

Hark the day we throw point clouds into engines and laugh.

nb: my computer is a pile of shit and can’t handle any division levels past 5 without dying horribly.